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Yoga Circle Pilates Sport Magic Ring

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1 x Pilates Circle
Item Name: Double Handle Pilates Ring
Material: Rubber+PP+EVA+glass fiber
Color: Purple, Pink, Red, Yellow, Grey, Blue, Green, Black
Diameter: 37cm
Thickness: 3.5cm
Bearing weight: 300kg
- 100% Brand New and High Quality
- Dual Grip Pilates Ring Magic Circle Body Sport Exercise Fitness Weight Slimming Yoga Tool
- High-density glass fiber steel sheet, high strength, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, light weight without deformation
- The grip is made of high-density EVA comfort material, the groove curvature perfectly fits the body curve, and the distance massage function
- For the whole body's muscular movement design, it has obvious effect on the consumption of large and small leg fats, and it can also make it better for you to wear your arm muscles and make your body more symmetrical.