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Splendi 12/36/48 Colors Solid Pearlescent Watercolor Paints Set

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?Artist level High-quality Watercolor?
If you love the metallic watercolor, this is the one you must have.

Splendi 12/36/48 Colors Solid Pearlescent Watercolor Paints Set

High-purity toner | Fine grinding | Bright colors | Solid concentration | Durable Solid pigments are small and durable without wasting Good solubility, easy to dip High-purity toner, soluble in water Pearlescent/metallic color due to different manufacturing processes. Relatively slow dipping when dry,easy to dip when fully wet. Gorgeous Pearlescence / Metal color Add a different effect to your painting Bright colors | Blooming natural Positive colors, small wet and dry color difference, natural transition Regular colors | Pearlescent colors Overlapping natural transition Recommended for beginners Suitable for various styles of painting Dazzling starry sky/Fancy costume/Creative painting

Package Includes:

  • Glitter Watercolors
  • 1* Water Brush
  • 1* Brush
  • 1* Cleaning cloth
  • 1* 8-sheet watercolor paper
  • 1* Mixing palette
  • Metal Case