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Chicken Drinker Drinking Tap

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Chicken Drinking Tap Nipple Horizontal Side Mount Screw Drinking Water Automatic Chicken Water Cup Waterer

- Easy and safe to use, very convenient.
- For home and commerce chicken poultry farms use.
- Used for chickens, pigeons, birds, quail and other pets.
- Reasonable design, allowing the right amount of water to come into the cup.
- It has a unique horizontal water nozzle, which can effectively prevent leakage and dripping.
- Specially designed so that you can fill the container without worrying about water leaks or messy dripping.

Material: Plastic
Size: 3.2*3.2cm
Screw size: 1.5*1cm

Package included:
1 x Chicken Drinking Taps

Chicken Hanging Cup Drinking Fountains Birds Water Bowl Drinker Cups for Backyard Chicken Flock Automatic Poultry Watering

- The best way to water your chickens.
- Filled automatically when birds peck at the built in plunger.
- This cup is a great way to provide fresh water, on demand to your birds.
- Can be used to expand an existing watering system, or can be attached to a bucket or a container of your choose to create a gravity fed water system.

Size: 7*3.5cm
Material: Plastic

Package included:
1 x Chicken Hanging Cup (Without tube)